Genetic Causes of Hereditary Cancer

What we are studying

This is a very small study designed to test selected people (and their family members) with rare tumors thought to be related to mutations in a gene named DICER1. This gene mutation is linked to some very rare tumors such as pleuropulmonary blastoma and Sertoli-Leydig cell tumors of the ovary. If a patient is identified with one of these rare tumors, the patient and his/her family may be eligible for genetic testing. We will collect family histories and blood samples from these individuals, and use new technologies to find mutations that could explain the cancer.

Who we are studying

  • Men and Women
  • Races:
    • White
    • African American
    • Asian
    • American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
    • Other
  • All Ethnicities
  • All Ages

Eligibility Criteria

  • Family history of cancer

What is involved

  • One time study visit involving a blood draw



Contact Information

Study Coordinator
Tom McLean, M.D.

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